Tornadoes of Light

Martin Kimbell is a photographer from England who utilizes LEDs and long exposure techniques to create airborne light forms that seem like trails of otherworldy spacecraft. 



Bottom to top: Go Fund Me, after thousands of complaints, only removed racist, anti Black comments from the “support Darren Wilson” page, actually making things WORSE by erasing evidence and claiming to give a fuck.

They cut a percentage of the profits so it doesn’t surprise me that they don’t want to take it down, but why bother claiming to be anything but completely disingenuous? Why not just not respond instead of pretending this helps at all?

By removing the racist, disgusting comments but NOT removing the campaign donations or the campaign itself, it is clear what their motivations are and were their allegiances lie.

(Let’s not forget the troves of shit eaters jacking off to all of this on 4chan and elsewhere, who are gleefully enjoying all of this, I hope they all drink bleach.)

BOOST please



どうぶつの森 - Animal Crossing


For my anti sjw comic im gonna draw the sjw as someone who looks really annoying like…. A woman with short hair and hairy armpits, you know, like how an annoying person would look


me @ myself: fake ass hoe……..

sentimental romancedo not edit!


ziz-zag stripe long top